The 15 Inch M-LOK Handguard

  • Thursday, 30 December 2021
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The 15 Inch M-LOK Handguard

The 15 inch M-LOK Handguard is one of the slimmest M-LOK handguards available.15 inch m lok handguard Its design allows for increased rail space and accessory placement. The design also doesn't negatively impact the barrel's harmonics. This M-LOK handguard is available in black, and only works with low-profile upper receivers. It is not compatible with DPMS GII rifles.

This handguard has a streamlined profile, which means more rail space and accessory placement.15 inch m lok handguard The free-float design of the handguard prevents it from affecting barrel harmonics. M-LOK accessories are universally compatible with this handguard. It also comes in black for easy camouflage. It is made of durable polymer and comes with a lifetime guarantee. For those who are new to firearms, this is a great choice.

The M-LOK rail system has many benefits over other rail systems.15 inch m lok handguard It allows for mounting of a small rail on a handguard, eliminating the need for a large Picatinny rail. The M-Lok rail system is also more comfortable to grip, which is great for your hands, clothing, and rifle case. It is also a great choice for users who have a polymer weapon.

The 15 inch M-LOK Handguard is the slimmest model of the LR-308 series.15 inch m lok handguard It's made specifically for long-barreled rifles. The slender design provides increased rail space and versatility for mounting accessories. The free-float design doesn't affect the barrel's harmonics, so it's an ideal choice for rifles with long barrels. The 15 inch M-LOK Handguard can be purchased in black or with a custom logo.

The M-LOK rail is another great feature of this M-LOK handguard. It allows you to mount a smaller rail on your hand guard, eliminating the need for a large Picatinny rail. It also offers a smoother feel to your hands and rifle case, and it's a great option for people who want to custom-build their rifles or upgrade their existing ones.

The 15 inch M-LOK Handguard is the slimmest of the LR-308 series. Its slim design is the best choice for long-barreled rifles, as it gives you more space for accessories. The M-LOK rail is compatible with standard M-LOK accessories, including optics and lights. The M-LOK Handguard is available in black, and can also be installed on any AR-15.

The M-Lok system allows you to easily switch out accessories on your rifle. The M-Lok handguard has a universal mount, which means that it fits in any AR-15 frame. The M-Lok system is more stable than its Picatinny counterpart, and it also offers greater portability and customization. There are no restrictions and no limits to the accessories you can attach to your AR-15.

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